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Willowbrook gets newer fire engine and new chief

Willowbrook gets newer fire engine and new chief

Times-Chronicle Staff

It’s newer and new in Willowbrook these days.

The volunteer fire department recently purchased a newer fire engine to serve the community. It also has a new chief at the helm, too.

Tony Iannella is the new fire chief, taking over for retiring chief Pat Lantz, who was recently honoured for his work and dedication to the community.

Iannella said their newer truck, purchased from Mission’s fire department, will serve Willowbrook for at least 10 more years.

Getting the newer engine left the department with the task of selling its previous primary truck.

“Thankfully, before the engine was sold on the open market, we discovered that Anarchist Mountain Fire Department was having issues with their primary engine, so we were able to sell the truck (to them) at a fair price.”

Iannella said this transaction enabled them to keep this excellent truck within the regional district as well as help a neighbouring fire department.

This is the newer fire engine serving the Willowbrook community. (Photo contributed)

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