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Birthday girl surprised at 80

Birthday girl surprised at 80

Times-Chronicle Staff

You may think nothing surprises Helen Foreman anymore, but you would be fooled, just like she was last week.

The birthday girl turned 80 and was totally surprised to see a happy birthday message scrawled in the middle of her culdesac on Merlot Court in Oliver.

Apparently, her sneaky granddaughter did it at 9:30 p.m.

There was supposed to be a big birthday bash in Invermere, but that was cancelled due to the pandemic. So, they had to settle for a small party at home.

When asked if she felt any different at 80, Foreman said no. But it’s strange how people keep telling her about how different she should feel at her age.

“At 80 years I’ve seen many changes, from horse and buggy to electric cars.”

What keeps her young at heart? Eleven grandchildren for starters.

“I keep busy . . . and I exercise,” she said.


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