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Seres says put national park to a vote

Seres says put national park to a vote

By Lyonel Doherty

Times Chronicle 

Put the national park issue to a vote, says local Conservative candidate Darryl Seres.

The Boundary-Similkameen hopeful was in Oliver Thursday afternoon during his hectic campaign visiting nearly every community in the riding before Saturday’s election.

“I’m hearing such support and encouragement from people who are just thrilled that they have a Conservative option.”

Seres said people are tired of having only two parties in this region – the Liberals and the NDP.

During his campaign, he is constantly hearing concerns about ICBC and how it is managed.

“The Conservative Party of BC was the first party to propose that we get rid of the ICBC monopoly, to open up to competition; I hear that all across the riding.”

Seres said he also hears a lot of discontent about how the proposed national park has been handled.

“I am the only candidate who’s proposed to fight for a yes-no referendum. I think the people of this region are tired of provincial and federal governments coming in and imposing their will.”

The candidate said there are a lot of good reasons for and a lot of good reasons against the park.

“I believe very strongly that this is an opportunity for direct democracy; let the people of the region have the final say.”

While he hasn’t been door knocking like some candidates, Seres has been visiting local businesses and meeting people during his journey.

He said the biggest Conservative misconception out there is when the Liberals say a vote for his party is really a vote for the NDP.

“I disagree completely. People don’t want to have to hold their noses and vote Liberal anymore, they want to vote their conscience.”

Seres said there are enough voters

in this riding who are undecided, so there is no worry about splitting the vote.

“I think it’s going to be a tight three- way race on Saturday. I can’t predict who is going to win but I think it’s going to be a lot closer than people think.”

Candidate Darryl Seres says many voters appreciate having a Conservative option in Boundary-Similkameen.
(Photo by Lyonel Doherty)


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  1. We could put it to a vote. Since it would be a national vote — being for a national park — it would be expensive. But who cares about the expense when democracy is involved, right? A vote would give all Canadians a voice in this very important question about the creation of a national park. And once we set this precedent, we could put all decisions formerly made by the people we elect to make them to a vote. Think of it. We could all spend a few hours every day voting on things. Maybe we could get paid for it. I bet if we put that to a vote it would pass easily. Then we wouldn’t have to elect politicians at all and Mr Seres and the others could go back to their regular jobs. Putting aside several hours each day for voting, of course.

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