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Health officer commends McKinney staff

Health officer commends McKinney staff

Lyonel Doherty


The chief medical health officer for Interior Health is commending McKinney Place staff in Oliver for their work and dedication during COVID-19.

Dr. Albert de Villiers said staff are working very hard to stop the spread of the virus that has claimed the lives of 12 residents.

A total of 75 people in the facility are battling the virus, including 54 residents and 21 staff members.

The health officer confirmed that all of the COVID-free residents are housed in single rooms with no contact with those who have the virus.

When asked if Interior Health considered moving the positive cases to a different facility, de Villiers said that would be quite a disruption for them.

“This is their home; this is where they live.”

He noted that all residents in McKinney are getting very good care from staff who are demonstrating a lot of commitment right now.

The health officer pointed out they are making sure there is no “crossover” of staff in the facility in order to prevent the spread.

“We are trying to keep the staff completely separate and following all of the protocols.”

He acknowledged how difficult a time this is for everyone, and he thanks them for their efforts in trying to stop this virus.

He agreed the fact that staff have managed to keep the virus out of the adjoining hospital is quite amazing.

Dr. de Villiers briefly touched on the palliative care cases, saying arrangements have and are being made for families to visit their loved ones who are dying from COVID-19.

In conclusion, de Villiers

urged the public to stick to the rules in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

“Stick to the rules, stick to your bubble, don’t meet with others (avoid gatherings).”




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