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Water/sewer user fees increase in Oliver

Water/sewer user fees increase in Oliver

Times-Chronicle staff

Oliver residents are looking at a four per cent increase in water and sewer user fees next year.

Town council approved the increase at a budget meeting on November 10,

Deputy Finance Officer Marcus Lebler said average yearly residential sewer user fees will increase from $274 to $285. This is a yearly increase of about $11 or a monthly increase of about $1, he noted.

For water, average yearly residential user fees (including the base rate plus metered water consumption) will increase from $386 to $401. This is a yearly increase of about $15 or a monthly increase of about $1.25, Lebler pointed out.








  1. Why on earth did u find it necessary to explain the increase from $274 to $285 is a difference of $11? Seriously? This doesn’t sound like u think your audience is smart enough to figure that one out by themselves w/out your help. Not very good insight into encouraging new readership. Come on TC, you can do MUCH better than this.

  2. Now you need to “moderate” my previous comment? OMG! You actually DO feel you’re above your readership. You need to “moderate” yourself…oh, wait, allow me to do that FOR you…”Ahem! Your newspaper needs to allow the very basis of your existence, “free speech”, to extend from you onto your readership. Failure to do so is fundamentally outrageous & hypocritical.” How does THAT sound. Now you know what you can do with your “moderating.” (And I never swore once!)

    • We moderate all comments on our website and apologize for the delay.


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