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Praise for Sunnybank staff

Praise for Sunnybank staff

 In this difficult time of COVID19 we wanted to express our thanks to the staff at Sunnybank Centre who looked after our mom so well.

We were so impressed by the loving care shown to our mom, and the support and information provided to all of the family who visited regularly. 

In the last week of her life, we were concerned as her room was way down at the end of the hall, as far as it could be from the nursing station. 

We thought it would be easy to overlook her care and didn’t want her left alone. 

On the regular visits some of us were able to make, we found that staff checked in on a regular basis and in a 90-minute visit it was not unusual to have three different staff stop in and see her, just to see how she was doing. Her nursing care was exemplary and the respect and dignity that she was shown by all the staff was heartwarming for us. 

We knew when our mom went to Sunnybank that it was likely her last home. 

We are so grateful that the Sunnybank staff made it as positive as possible for her and are thankful for the kindness she was shown while living there. 

This was made even more apparent when she became bedridden and we will forever be grateful to you all.

Hilary Drummond, Oliver

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