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Oliver post office boxes vandalized

Oliver post office boxes vandalized

Times-Chronicle Staff

Police are investigating the vandalism of numerous lock boxes at the Oliver post office this morning.

More than a dozen panel boxes were forced open sometime overnight.

Canada Post security is investigating the incident along with the RCMP. It is unknown if anything was stolen.

Oliver RCMP Sgt. Don Wrigglesworth said mail is often targeted as it provides personal information that can lead to identity theft.

Canada Post told the Times-Chronicle that affected customers are being notified of the incident and can temporarily pick up their mail at the post office counter with valid government-issued identification. This service will be available until the postal boxes are repaired.

When asked if Canada Post utilizes video surveillance in the Oliver office, media relations spokesperson Valerie Chartrand said they don’t divulge specific security measures as doing so would “hamper their effectiveness.”

Chartrand said they are asking customers who believe they have not received a specific piece of mail to contact the sender. Customers concerned about identity fraud should contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the RCMP and Canada Post customer service at 1-866-607-6301.





  1. 2-1/2 years ago hundreds of members of this fine community signed a petition asking our town council to bring more security to us by way of a video camera system (s). They so far have ignored that request.

    • Now that is an absolute disgrace. There is NO reason for not having a Video Camera System these days. Canada Post better plan to pay for atleast 5 years of Equifax/Transunion monitoring for those, whose mailboxes were compromised… and those who boxes were compromised, had better immediately call Equifax and Transunion as well as their Banks, Credit Card companies to alert them that their information has been put at threat. Identity fraud is an incredibly serious issue, and not to be taken lightly.


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