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Irrigation start date set for April 15

Irrigation start date set for April 15

Lyonel Doherty
Oliver Chronicle

Farmers, get ready to start your irrigation systems.

The Town of Oliver has approved April 15 as the start (turn on) date for irrigation. Water will start diverting to the canal on April 8.

Director of Operations Shawn Goodsell said crews are set back again this year in their cleaning and maintenance of the canal due to the weather. He noted staff usually start this maintenance by late February.

Goodsell pointed out the Town also needs to repair 241 metres of canal surfacing south of flume 3 prior to diverting water. It usually takes about four days to get the water flowing once diversion starts.

Goodsell said irrigation users still need to be cognizant of the damaged siphon (at Gallagher Lake) that restricts normal water volumes in the canal.

He added the Town may have to enforce odd/even day shutdowns for watering restrictions if the weather is drier and hotter than normal this summer.

Goodsell said if the weather does warm up quickly, they could turn on the water as early as April 12 for those who really need it.

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