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Discarded ashes cause fire

Discarded ashes cause fire

By Lyonel Doherty

The Oliver Fire Department is cautioning residents about the improper handling and disposal of ashes from fire places and wood stoves.

On Wednesday night, firefighters were called to Tumbleweed Mobile Home Park on Leighton Crescent where a fire broke out.

Media relations officer Rob Graham said the fire was caused by discarded ashes from a wood stove.

“It appears that where they were discarded re-ignited some of the ash and caused it to catch some other nearby materials on fire.”

Crews were quick to extinguish the fire which did create a fair bit of smoke in the area. Graham said the blaze was close to another wood pile, but luckily did not spread further from there.

“This should act as a reminder to be careful where you dispose of and how you might handle the disposal of ashes..”

Graham advises people to use a metal container to dispose of hot ashes. Or you can bury them after they have been extinguished with water, he added. And make sure the ashes are not discarded near any flammable or combustibles materials.

Graham said the department has had callouts in the past where hot ashes were placed in plastic buckets, which melted, causing other combustibles to catch fire.



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