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Without Loose Bay, risk to community would be much greater, director says

Without Loose Bay, risk to community would be much greater, director says

Area C director Rick Knodel. (File photo)

By Rick Knodel, Area C (rural Oliver) director

There has been a lot of talk about the arrival of the transient farm workers in our area and they are coming and will be here. We don’t know how many but the farmers will need them so we best get prepared.

At the local level the fact is that there is going to be a transient presence here. Can they be of service and do we need them? Absolutely.

We are without a doubt breaking new ground here and have considerable support from the province in this endeavour. There will be lots of eyes on us to see how we go about this and it will be an evolving creation with lots of hindsight. This is still a work in progress but we are getting as much help from the professionals in this health care matter as is available to us.

Our small farmers comprise a large portion of the economic engine for most of B.C. and these workers have become a very necessary part of that machinery.

I saw that it was suggested that we have enough youngsters to fill the need. Well, we may have enough but it would be interesting to see people pushing their teens out the door to do farm work. First, farm work is not for most people and if your labour is not so inclined or lacks the desire to build the skills then they can do more damage than good.

I grew up on a farm and the tools that our parents had to entice or motivate me and my generation would be (unfortunately) viewed as abuse today. Few of us were intent on careers as farmers and I don’t think that it would be much different today. Farming is both hard and often mundane and it takes special people to feel the pride and satisfaction of growing a good quality product. The workers as well as the farmer must be dedicated to the work and the crop.

That being said I believe we will see more locals looking to work in the farm industry. They too will be needed as there will be a lot of holes to be filled in the system.


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