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Wake up and smell the COVID

Wake up and smell the COVID

Lyonel Doherty

Times-Chronicle Editor

Photo: Pixabay

I guess not everyone cares that a serious crisis still grips our fragile world.

Case in point: Thought I would leave my mask in the car and check out Value Village since not many vehicles were in the parking lot. Shouldn’t be too difficult to practise social distancing in there, I mused.

Upon entering the store, a staff person wearing a full-face shield politely informs me of the rules: follow the one-way arrows in the aisles, keep two metres apart from others, and do not use the change rooms.

Easy, peasy.

I proceed directly to the used DVD section and notice one fellow looking at the movies, so I go down another aisle to look at the books. I respect the guy’s bubble and don’t want to get too close.

A few minutes later I saunter down the movie aisle and notice this other guy talking on a cell phone, walking back and forth in the aisle, clearly disregarding the one-way rule.

I’m looking at some VHS movies on a shelf, making sure I’m two metres away from anyone else. But this cell phone guy stops right beside me and starts looking at music CDs. What the? He’s about two feet away from me. Is he for real?

I feel like saying, “Excuse me, did you know there is a deadly pandemic going on right now and Dr. Henry is urging everyone to keep their distance?” 

But I merely move away to avoid any confrontation with this individual. Who knows, if I had said anything, he could have decided to cough on me as a joke for slighting him. 

I was dumbfounded by such ignorance, such careless abandon during a global crisis that continues to make guys like me as sick as hell, or worse.

To be honest, I don’t like wearing masks; they make it hard to breathe and they fog up your glasses. Plus, you sometimes stand out like a pink flamingo in a room full of black foxes.

I guess I could wear one of those cool looking masks that make you look like a superhero, but at 55, nothing is going to make me look anything but geriatric.

Oh well, if you’ve never had it, you’ve never lost it.

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