SOSS students show off achievements

SOSS students show off achievements

By Khushi Sharma

On the evening of Jan. 16, Southern Okanagan Secondary School acknowledged their students’ hard work for the first semester at their annual Celebration of Student Achievement.

The event consisted of a photography show, art show, displays of woodwork projects, and even live science experiments where audience members could participate.

Photography 10 student Katie Cleave described her project.

“I chose to be in photography because pictures mean a lot to me. They’re like memories and I like taking them. I love capturing beauty in my pictures as well, and these (displayed photos) are just a few examples. And I love how portraits capture everyone’s beauty.”

Another student, Kiera Gaudet from Independent Art Studies 12, explained why she enjoys doing art.

“Art provides me with a break to take from everything, like sports and academics. It’s just like taking a breather.”

She also spoke about why she enjoys having the community come in and view the art pieces.

“It’s nice to see other people come in and enjoy the art, and it gives a lot of chances for other artists to open up and let other people see what art they can do, or even sell it.”

Another art student, Jordan Bayda, also shared his thoughts.

“I think it’s a really great community event that we put on every year and it’s one of my favourite parts of the year because we really get involved with the community and so many people work together for this show. I think it really highlights all the amazing work we do as a community and it’s nice to invite other people to come and see.”

Bayda also explained the value of art in his life.  

“Art has been a way for me to express myself that doesn’t require me to talk. I really like creating stuff. I like sculpting because I can make things with my hands and I can express myself in a way that’s different than how normal people would express themselves. It’s really helped me cope with different things in my life and be able to really show who I am in a different way.”

Anthony Evans, one of the students who chose to have his pieces up for sale, explained his slightly different view on art. “It’s not really an expression of emotion for me, it’s more of ‘I really like making things’. I like the end result and I like it because it’s fun to do.”

Josiah Teigen, a student from the woodwork class, spoke about his project, which was the master sword from the Legend of Zelda.

When asked why he chose to make it, he said, “I’m a pretty big fan of the games. I have a lot of them and I like to do that in my spare time, so I decided to make the sword with another one of my passions which is art. I love drawing and making things. It’s one of my main hobbies so it means a lot to me.”

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