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SAR saves overdue hikers

SAR saves overdue hikers

Oliver-Osoyoos Search and Rescue had to bail 10 hikers out of the woods in the early hours of Monday.

The RCMP contacted the OOSAR about three missing hikers who were exploring the Gallagher Canyon area. There were 15 rescuers deployed. They located two vehicles at the lower access to the canyon before conducting “several hasty searches” of the area, according to Sgt. Blaine Gervais.

Rescuers later found out that there were actually 10 missing hikers, and they had split into two group.

They made contact with one group around 5 a.m., and that group made it the the OOSAR Base at 7 a.m.

Five people were still missing with no clues as to where they may be. Until 9 a.m. when they were connected by a phone call.

Thirty minutes before the phone call, air support was deployed. The pilots flew over the hikers several times but didn’t see them under the canopy of trees.

Shortly after the location was figured out over the phone, visual contact was made.

The group then hiked towards the base of the canyon where OOSAR vehicles were waiting. They were assessed for first aid at 10:20 a.m. and brought back to the hall.

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