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Osoyoos Times suspending print edition

Osoyoos Times suspending print edition

Dale Boyd

Osoyoos Times

There is a saying I have taken to using during my time as a journalist: “call me if the town burns down.”

An expression uttered at the end of the day that means unless it’s breaking news that can’t wait, call me tomorrow.

In the back of my mind I obviously hoped it would never be the case.

The town didn’t burn down, but this almost feels worse.

I am  continually inspired by the innovative connections and celebrations people have come up with to cope. We try to focus on the good and the bad, but there is a lot of important information coming out every day.

I know every story has “COVID-19” in the headline and it can be taxing (it certainly has been on me), but our goal has been to put the most important information out that impacts the most people as quickly and concisely as we can.

April 2 is the last print edition of the Osoyoos Times until further notice, but fear not, we are still here to provide you local stories and coverage, but it will have to be online at for now.

Print news in Canada was not in the best of positions before the COVID-19 crisis, and we are doing our best to stick and move, roll with the punches and some third boxing metaphor because this is truly a fight we are all in together.

In my last column I thanked frontline workers, grocery store workers and anyone who is helping our society function right now, and now I’m asking for a little help from our readers — not just for the Osoyoos Times, but for journalists across Canada.

Very simply: Like, follow, subscribe, read, or if you’re lazy just skim. Most news websites that have paywalls have taken them down for crucial news. Engage with your local media or it may not be there when you need it most.

With governments taking sweeping powers, as is usually the case in times of emergency, we need journalists asking questions, following leads and  dispelling rumours more than ever before.

Thank you for those of you have always support us. 

I certainly did not wish to be in the captain’s chair (I’ve been watching Picard) when we suspended the printing of our newspaper, but there are many worse off than myself, and we must remember this crisis impacts us all. Compassion and social distancing are our allies.

Be kind to each other out there (or in there, as it were), stay connected and engaged. If you need more information on something or help finding something out email me at

I am not sure what the state of things will be in a few days, or even in a week. One day at a time as my grandfather often wisely  said.

This is not goodbye, but so long for now. Stay strong Osoyoos

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