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Masks, masks everywhere at school

Masks, masks everywhere at school

By Lyonel Doherty

Times-Chronicle Staff

The first day back at school today saw plenty of students and teachers in Oliver and Osoyoos wearing masks.

Administrators and staff at Southern Okanagan Secondary School (SOSS) welcomed many pupils back to class after registering them at the front entrance.

The province has made it mandatory for all students (except elementary pupils) to wear masks in high traffic areas. Today, students are being orientated on COVID-19 safety protocols and getting to know their “learning groups” as part of the new educational restart plan.

Each student at high schools in Oliver and Osoyoos were given two masks today before entering the buildings.

Oliver parent Shirley Horan accompanied her son Thomas to school with their dog Kruger. She expressed no concerns sending Thomas to SOSS today, saying she is confident that school protocols will keep him safe.

SOSS Vice-Principal Stacey Smith directs students to the registration area during back-to-school procedures today.
(Photo by Lyonel Doherty)


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