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Grant sought for Legion Beach

Grant sought for Legion Beach

Bill Atwood


Osoyoos is looking to receive a grant from the provincial government in order to make significant improvements to Legion Beach.  

The tourism dependent communities initiative will provide up to $1 million each to small communities across the province that rely on tourism as their economic driver. 

The B.C. government identified a number of criteria for the grant. The projects must increase visitation and generate tourism expenditures, expand winter and shoulder season experiences, attract new diverse businesses and create tourism jobs. 

The potential upgrades to Legion Beach would include increased parking, landscaping, improved accessibility to the beach, road safety improvements for the intersection of 62nd Avenue and 89th Street, and a public washroom and change room facility.

Mayor Sue McKortoff said that the road safety upgrades would help put some residents at ease. 

“Some of the neighbours around there have sent us emails concerning this, so fixing that up and making it more accessible and a calmer place to be would obviously help,” she said.

Town CAO Allan Chabot explained to council that these improvements were identified because some of them were already included in financial plans approved by council. These were the washroom at a cost of $130,000 and the road improvements at a $500,000 cost. 

Designs have yet to be finalized, however, according to Chabot, if all improvements go ahead the total cost would be around $1.75 million. 

“That would move us an awful long way towards being able to make those improvements that we think [meet the criteria],” Chabot said. 

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