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Where is Santa Fortis?

Where is Santa Fortis?

It is great to see that Santa Fortis  is rushing to the aid of their 1500 customers who have propane as their gas supply in Revelstoke. 

Facing a 12 per cent increase, Santa has proposed and applied to the BCUC to blend this gas into the greater natural gas world and give the town a break on their bills. Well done, and compassionate to boot.

Where, however, was the compassion for the many, many thousands of Fortis customers who heat with green electricity? 

Our heating costs went up 50 per cent or more with the ill conceived and punitive two-tier billing system which is now going away after a five-year period of grief on the way up and now five years to remove the system and return to the single rate user pay system.

We still suffer. Where is our Santa?

James B McGinnigle, Oliver

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