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Embrace good news more than the bad

Embrace good news more than the bad

By Lyonel Doherty

Unfortunately, bad news sells. But it’s the good news that makes the world a better place. 

So, forget the doom and gloom and let’s focus on the good stuff for a change. 

Starting with the community Christmas dinner in Oliver on Dec. 22. The entrance to the community centre was jam packed with people waiting for the doors to open. Approximately 340 meals were served and another 30 were packed up to take home. 

Many thanks to the volunteers from Oliver Alliance Church, and to Jose of Azorean Catering for donating his time. Also, a thumbs up to Buy-Low Foods, No Frills, Big Al’s Bakery and Oliver Parks and Recreation for making Christmas the way it used to be. 

And check out what happened at the Okanagan Correctional Centre – managers agreed to have pies thrown in their faces to raise money for the Oliver Kiwanis Share the Spirit campaign. 

No doubt some officers couldn’t wait to hand over $5 for a chance to hurl those cream pies in their boss’s face. Heck, we would too. 

In the end, nearly $150 was raised toward a grocery gift card for one family. By the way, in November, staff and inmates pooled their donations to put gifts under the tree for two local families. 

Meanwhile, in Osoyoos, the “Cram the Cruiser” event filled five police cars and raised nearly $2,200 to support families in need through the food bank. Special thanks go to partners Osoyoos Fire Rescue, Buy-Low Foods, McDonald’s and Sgt. Jason Bayda for making it all happen. 

But wait, there’s more good news. 

Check out the incredible $500,000 that the South Okanagan Indo-Canadian community donated to the Penticton Regional Hospital fundraising campaign. Apparently, they have been quietly donating to the cause for the past five years and only recently agreed to go public with it. What a heartfelt act of generosity! 

Over in Peachland, West Kelowna RCMP officers saved Christmas for one lady whose dog ran over an embankment and got stuck on a ledge on Dec. 23. Officers managed to safely rescue the canine and reunite it with its owner for the holidays. 

On the same day in Kelowna, a “good elf” found a quantity of cash in a shopping centre parking lot and turned it in to police. The Good Samaritan believed that the rightful owner would be devastated about losing the money over the holidays, so he/ she turned it in. No doubt many people would have gleefully kept the cash for themselves without a second thought. That money could have been destined for a homeless family over the holidays or a single mother’s rent for the new year. It could have been the difference between going on welfare and just scraping by. 

Well, unless you’re Homer Simpson or Archie Bunker, isn’t honesty what defines true character? 

The moral here is don’t let the bad news in 2020 ruin your outlook or faith in humanity. The good news is all around us; we just have to embrace it 

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