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Anarchist Mountain fire department receives $5000 donation

Anarchist Mountain fire department receives $5000 donation

By Bill Atwood


The Anarchist Mountain Community Society is celebrating a very successful online silent auction. The auction which was held from Aug. 23-29 resulted in a donation of  $5395 to the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department.

Society member Wendy Barlow explained that while making the switch to online because of the pandemic was challenging it brought some unforeseen benefits.

“The advantage we found from going online was that it is normally just our community and a few people that will come up from when we have our normal auction, but by going online we had people from Oliver, Willowbrook ect. bidding,” Barlow said.

“So it opened up more people coming in on it,” she said. 

Barlow credited social media marketer Jennine Lewis for helping spread the word. She also was very thankful to those that donated. 

“We were very cautious to go to the sponsors, because Covid really hit them hard, but a number of businesses still gave,” she said.

Barlow explained that because the online auction was so successful it will be held online going forward.

“It was a big-time learning experience for us. But we were very successful, it was one of the best returns for what we’ve doneWe found it was very beneficial. It was a lot of work on our part, but we’ll streamline it going forward,” she said.

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